about us

Son of moondog is a private professional recording studio located in the heart of historic downtown Kent Ohio. Our 4,000 sq. ft. recording facility features a large tracking studio, a dedicated mastering suite and lounge with full amenities.  Son of moondog is acoustically designed to deliver sonic excellence and provide our studio guests with an incredibly relaxed recording environment.

What makes our studio so special? The rooms themselves play an important role. Son of moondog has a '70s kind of tone. Our rooms sound honest with a nice reverb time and natural ambience around instruments. Also key to the studio's distinct sound is our echo chamber which provides a wonderful character all its own.

history - son of moondog

Established in 1998 in Kent Ohio, our original studio was simply named "Moondog". The studio was located on the second floor of a century old building on South Water Street directly across from Woodsy's Music.  For over 10+ years, talented musicians with gear-in-hand braved the steep, wooden stairway, making their moon landing to lay down some killer tracks.  

Moondog was armed with three outstanding engineers, Dave Sacchini (Producer/Engineer/Owner), the famous Matt Lindsay (AKA the Jeweler) and Justin Petitto \m/.  Our staff was privileged to share in these memorable performances and timeless recordings.  Son of moondog represents the next generation of our musical legacy and we are proud to say….the tradition rocks on!

son of moondog...it's the sound, baby!